What’s next for Rocket?

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Rocket is a best-in-class service that enables blockchain businesses to launch secure and streamlined Token Generation Events with ease. Like the cutting-edge projects we work with, Rocket itself must innovate and adapt to stay current with the blockchain market. To that end, we wanted to talk about the future of Rocket and what our users can expect in next couple months.

In mid-September, we launched our first major update - Rocket 1.1. We focused on improving the core functionality of the platform, primarily the Payment and Smart Contract system, as well as adding the ability for Social Sharing and Whitelisting. Our goal with 1.1 was to ensure the foundation of the platform was solid before driving towards our more ambitious features - which will be outlined later in this update.

So what's next for Rocket?
We have two significant milestones coming up in the near(ish) future we wanted to share with you. The upcoming release of Rocket 1.1.3, and then our ambitious drive towards what we are calling Rocket 2.0.

Rocket 1.1.3 will contain a number of important updates for the platform, primarily the addition of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) features. These features will let us identify and verify users on our platform, and ensure that Token Generation Events on our platform are legally complaint. This is something that has been frequently asked by our partners and clients, and the team has worked hard to get it in as soon as possible.

The Rocket 1.13 update will also contain a major change to our pricing structure. The cost of launching a basic project on Rocket will now be $10,000USD, and the addition of KYC/AML compliance will be an addon for only $5,000USD.

Rocket 2.0 will be our most ambitious update yet, and the result in the addition of Security Tokens to the Rocket platform. Once 2.0 has been released, users will be able to launch both Utility and Security tokens on Rocket using what we call the Real Security Token Standard or “RSTS”.

On top of this, the Rocket team will also be integrating InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to support the new Security Token system and ensure all blockchain project documentation is secure, accessible, and transparent.

This update is the end-result of months of research and development, as well as significant collaboration with our community. As mentioned at the beginning of this update, our goal is to always ensure our Rocket customers have access to the most market-current features. The addition of Securitized Tokens is just the first major step in delivering on that promise.

Onwards and upwards.
We look forward to sharing the release of Rocket 1.1.3 and Rocket 2.0 in detail in the coming future. In the meantime, please keep the feedback coming. (and get some free FUEL by doing so!) Our products are driven not only by the business and market goals we set as a company, but also by our users and community who have stood with us since the beginning.

  • The Rocket Team