Rocket - Feedback for FUEL

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Rocket 1.1 has launched! This includes significant updates to the whitelisting process, implementation of the social sharing interface, smart contract improvements, and more.

Perhaps the most exciting update of Rocket 1.1 was the removal of the paywall which means users can now test out Rocket free of charge! One of the main reasons for this major change was to invite community members to demo Rocket and give us feedback. We highly value your opinion and want your feedback to help improve Rocket.

From the release of Rocket to the launch of version 1.1, the support from our followers has been inspiring. However, there are plenty of features and improvements to add in the future and we want to build Rocket alongside you! While we value all constructive feedback around our products, particularly helpful suggestions and ideas will be rewarded with $FUEL tokens!

Guidelines for the feedback:

Logistics of the crowdfund creation process.
* What did you like? What didn’t you like?
* How easy was it to launch your sample ICO?
* Were you able to set up your entire crowdfund?
* Do you feel anything fundamental is missing from the platform?
General user experience on Rocket.
* Was it easy to navigate through the website?
* Was everything where you thought it should be? Why? Why not?
* What would you change about the structure?
* Was Rocket generally user friendly and easy to use?
* Did you like the aesthetic appeal of Rocket?

* 1K $FUEL tokens for well-written feedback
* Exceptional submissions will be rewarded with a large quantity of $FUEL

To participate: Register your account at and submit your feedback on our Reddit post:

Don’t miss this opportunity to earn $FUEL and launch Rocket even further!